Biking Team was founded in October 2009 by the passion and the will of the founders, who want to carry with you a dream, surround us with bike, historical transport transformed today, through the use of new materials and new technologies, in a modern and environmentally friendly way to experience the city, the countryside, the sea and any other area you are exploring.
Wisely choosing the best brands available in the market and always attentive to everything which again revolves around the world of two wheels.
The Biking Team awaits you with its departments: new, used and workshop to respond to your every need be you experienced cyclists, newcomers to the sport or simple walkers.
Harmony between man and his bike through the wise choosing the right means to each of us
Harmony between body and mind when you hear the pedals and just the sound of the wind ....
chromatic harmony between the colors of your vehicle and the color of your clothing, and finally harmony between all components of your vehicle always perfectly prepared in our workshop ...
Biking Team Showroom exposes in his showcases the world's elite bike with Cannondale and Trek brands.
The activity of the store provides customers with product quality and reliability of prompt and timely assistance.